Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Three New Trips Now Open For Booking

HP Fan Trips™ opened 3 new trips for booking today.
  • HP Fans Trips™ Excellent Adventure Tour – this itinerary offers fans highlights of our most popular past tours in a slightly more condensed trip.
  • Dungeons and Castles Tour – a new itinerary this year. It is also a great itinerary for our returning travelers. This tour includes a 3-night stay in a castle hotel near Durham, new film locations, and more. Space is limited on this tour.
  • Loch, Stock and Barrel Tour – this 9-night itinerary includes every location and activity of the favorite tours in the past. We’ve added an extra night to give more time in London and to slow down the pace in the first part of the program. This tour ends in Edinburgh the morning of July 25th, the first day of the Olympic Games in London. Perfect for fans who would like to be in the UK during this historic event
For more information about these exciting new releases, visit us on the website at