Sunday, August 24, 2008

Meet a cast member in New York

I am very excited to announce a major enhancement to the included Equus Workshop. After seeing this riveting and astonishing play, you will have the special opportunity to meet a cast member from the Broadway company of Equus. On the following day, you will arrive at a rehearsal studio where Broadway auditions and rehearsals actually take place. You will have an inside experience of the Broadway Theatre scene, while having an in-depth discussion about this extraordinary play. The Equus cast member will share his journey in being a part of this Tony Award winning play, adding insights of the script, sharing his rehearsal experience, and giving you behind the scenes stories in an intimate setting. You will be able to ask questions and discuss your experience as well-- how the play spoke to you.

While many fans are understandably disappointed about the delay in the movie’s release, I am thrilled that we have been able to create an even stronger program in New York for you. I hope to see you there!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Warner Bros changes HP6 movie release date

Most of you are aware of the development late last week from Warner Brothers to delay the opening of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince until July of 2009. The movie showing was to be a big part of the New York City trip, so as you can imagine our office has been working on overdrive to fill this piece of the upcoming EQUUS tour in New York City.